Tamil organisation visits Bergen city archive

This post is based on the original post from 27th June 2020 on Facebook page, “Archive of Tamils in Norway”.

Bergen City Archive


Hello everyone,

I am glad to share with you that a Tamil organisation in Bergen (Norway) has taken the initiative to give a chance to visit the Bergen city archive on Friday 26th June 2020.
There, the organisation representative was received by an archivist. The organisation was given a tour around Bergen city archive and an informational discussion about archival work.
I hope that the organisation will consider preserving some of their archival materials at the Bergen city archive in the near future.
I will give the details of the archive once the organisation has decided to preserve the archival materials at Bergen city archive.

I know that many Tamils are focused on digital access. So that worldwide Tamils can access archival materials online. We are in dialog to find a solution to preserve digital materials. Either digitalised materials or digitally created materials.

Thank you to the first-generation Tamils in Norway to take the time and give a chance to visit an archival institution in Norway.
You are the once that hold the historical and cultural heritage of the diaspora Tamils that are treasured for the future generations of Tamils. Please don´t forget that these archival materials are also a part of Norwegian documentation heritage.

Once again thank you to the first-generation Tamils in Norway 🙏🏽

Bergen City Archive

Kind regard,
K. Baheerathy

Reproduction of this article is allowed when used without any alterations to the contents and the source, DsporA Tamil Archive, is mentioned.

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