Oral history

Minner.no method

When DsporA Tamil Archive contacted Minner.no, we got knew that they do also have a similar process. But they focus on oral history as research materials and therefore they have a detailed consent form for research purposes. However, the consent form is intermediary to make the file available at the website, either with an open or close access plan. This is a temporary consent form that has a valid until the interview object can take over the responsibility to administrate the file. It means that the person can withdraw the file at any time or leave the file on minner.no for eternity.

Memoar method

The “Memoar method” for oral history is available as a manual located on their website. They do not have a guide or template for interviews as an interview project can cover various themes and one guide cannot cover all themes or topics. But they have courses regularly. These courses are especially aimed at groups/ organisations that are interested in documenting certain topics or areas. Typically, it is local history teams, museums or schools that are about to celebrate their anniversaries or similar that participate in such courses. Memoar can also run courses online and can hold courses in English. But among the participants or topics, there must be some connections with Norway.

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