“Tamizhi” is a web series of 8 episodes and a music video. This is a documentary production looking at the history behind Tamil script Tamil-Brahmi (Thamizi), nowadays Tamil, Indus Valley Civilisation and Sangam era.

This web series is an example for historical video documentary based on the archival materials and archeological artefacts. These are the evidential sources for the facts in this web series. This web based video series is also an example for archival outreach. The final product of the web series become an archival material of the 2019 production of Hiphop Tamizha and Co.

Coneptualised and directed by: Pradeep Kumar
Narrated: by Hiphop Tamizha
Research and writing: Elango
Cinematography: Lokesh Ilayaa, Balaje Baskaran
Music: Hiphop Tamizha
Editing: Vinoth, Pradeep Kumar, Sreejith Sarang, Thilakesh Pradesh
Producer: Hiphop Tamizha
Production year: 2019.
Place of production: Tamil Nadu, India

Reproduction of this article is allowed when used without any alterations to the contents and the source, DsporA Tamil Archive, is mentioned.

Updated: 28.12.2020

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