The archive is the source for history, knowledge and education.


This post is based on the original Facebook post from 14th July 2020.

NDLA is a Norwegian national digital learning arena used by high school students (videregående skole elever)

Anthony Rajendram giving an interview to NRK in 1988 for the television program “Mennesker i mellom – Portrett av den andre siden” (“People in between – Portrait of the other side”).

NDLA has used the video reportage by NRK (Norwegian National Television) from 1988. Anthony Rajendram travelled from motorcycle from Jaffna. His planned destination was England to learn about marine and fishing. Friends he met in England gave him the hint that Norway is the country to learn about marine and fishing. He was the first Sri Lankan Tamil who came to Norway in 1956. In this video reportage, Anthony is talking about identity. This is now an archive of NRK and NDLA has used this archival material in the educational task about “descriptive and dynamic identity”.

Details of the archive:
Original title: “Mennesker i mellom – Portrett av den andre siden”
Length: 19 minutes
Production year: 1988
Broadcasted: NRK1 · Thursday 3. mars 1988
This video is no longer available at this website. But will be available at an archival institution or at NRK archive.


NRK. (1988). Visited 14.07.2020.

Due to the lack of or fragmented archives or limited access to archives in Tamil society, it has been challenging to get access to available sources that can support oral history interviews.
In this situation, writing about diaspora Tamil history will be a dynamic process which may change its shape and be updated over time. Thus, we welcome the public to provide feedback with any verifiable sources in the case of need for correction in the factual information in this website.

Reproduction of this article is allowed when used without any alterations to the contents and the source, DsporA Tamil Archive, is mentioned.

Updated: 18.10.2020

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