18th May: Mullivaikkal Genocide Remembrance Day

Written by: Thanura Premakumar (13), Pranaya Selva (13), Dinuja Sivalingam and Madusa Esan The bloody civil war between Tamils and the Singhalese Government forces in Sri Lanka broke out as a resistance to the continuous oppression and genocide of Tamils. Thousands of Tamil civilians were fighting for life and death for years. On 18th May [...]

Tamil women in Norway and their lives

By Pranaya Selva (13), Thanura Premakumar (13), Dinuja Sivalingam, Janushya Senthilkumar Happy International Women's Day Women of the world deserve a future free from harm and violence; a future that's peaceful with opportunities and equal rights. But Tamil women from Eelam (Sri Lanka) have to maintain a life with the wounds from war trauma. They [...]