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Archive collection

A person or organisation can collect materials. The materials can be in various kinds of medium (text/ audio/ video/ artefacts) created by different operating functions (person/ organisation/ other). These collections are normally a gathering of individual items from various archive creators. The collection can base on a particular topic or format. This is a branch of the private archive. This kind of archive is locally within the person or organisation. And it might either have limited or no public access.

Here is an attempt to gather various kinds of Tamil private archives. Please let us know if you know any.

Please let us know about any Tamil archive, library or museum.

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Tamil collections at archives, museums and libraries

Ilankai Tamil Sangam.
A non-profit, charitable organisation formed in 1977.
The digital organisational archive was started as “Fact Book” on the website that was launched on 18th December  1996. This organisational archive contains collection of articles written by different people, as well as articles published on various platforms.

Tamil Archive Project.
A non-profit, charitable organisation formed in 2016. Documenting the past using creative methods when there are no histories on record. Using social media for dissemination.

ஆவணகம் (Aavanagam)
Anton Joseph is a Germany based Tamil who has been collecting various Tamil archival items since 1988. He started conducting archive exhibition in 1997, in the name of “ஆவணகம்” (meaning archive in Tamil). After holding the archive exhibition in various countries, he held the 50th exhibition in Munich on 13th October 2019.
YouTube: 50th archive exhibition.

Race on the Agenda (ROTA).
In January 2012, Race on the Agenda (ROTA) was awarded a grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund to collect oral histories of Sri Lankan Tamils in London. The history and experiences held in the memories of Sri Lankan
Tamils living in London, primarily those living in or with links to the Hounslow
area and west London.
United Kingdom.

Tharavu – தரவு
This is a digital archive collection of books and documents of Eelam Tamil history from 1983, which was started by two Tamil volunteers. The website was launched on 13.07.2019.

Sarawanan Komathi Nadarasa
A Norway based Tamil author who collects books, paper documents in his journey of research and writing. He also enhance photos and collect digital text materials that he comes across in his journey as an author.

Updated: 12.10.2020

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